Saturday, August 29, 2015
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Dustin Hansen said on Wednesday, February 11, 2015
Re: Letter regarding Camp Williams' munitions clean-up project

I bought a lot in early 2013. I did not receive the referenced letter from the government as my mail was not being forwarded to my current residence. Where can I find a copy of the Right-of-Entry instrument so i can sign and return to the Government?

Jack Darton said on Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Re: Opinion fron the Utah Supreme Court

My thoughts are the same: get a new solution in place and if it's better than what the HOA is doing, the majority will support the transition. It doesn't matter if the solution is annexation, a new HOA, or revising the current HOA. The board (as you know) is working through the legal system to revise the current HOA. It's easier to fix the small portion of the documents that are problematic than to start over again.

If you have some helpful ideas, please bring them forward. We value real feedback from real people who are sincere in their intentions and not just trying to manipulate. Ideas like "dissolve the HOA" are fine as long as there is a compelling plan to to get there. It would be foolish to leave everyone naked in hopes that something would fall together on its own.

Law suits and disagreements don't stop just because someone else is in charge of something. The new "someone else" gets sued. But, it's the same group that ends up paying for it via HOA fees, taxes, or other means. In the annual meeting, the board was asked how much of our assessments go toward legal fees. Arlene answered it was ~$45/unit. It would be eye opening to know how much of our taxes go toward legal fees.


HOA Property Owner said on Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Re: Opinion fron the Utah Supreme Court

Again, you have said nothing about any of our legal problems and liabilities. These are important issues and we cannot ignore them.
You are right, we could do things if we left the HOA in tact, but look where it has brought us. We can also do things through the County or Herriman City if we were to dissolve the HOA. Our history shows us what we will continue to receive if we stay in tact. If we dissolve and annex into Herriman, we can see the type of quality they will help us with with our roads and other things.
I read somewhere, (I can't remember if it was a letter from the group pushing to dissolve or from the HOA) the idea that we could dissolve our current HOA (and be rid of all of its problems and liabilities) and then we could just start a new HOA and fix the problems we had in the past.
What are your thoughts about that?

Jack Darton said on Monday, June 10, 2013
Re: Opinion fron the Utah Supreme Court


I appreciate your response. I agree that if we could have something better, we should do it. I'm not saying we should stay how we are.

You imply that the improvements cannot happen with the HOA intact. Just like the water system, other elements of HOA responsibility can be handed off to other entities. Even annexation to Herriman can occur while the HOA exists. Sewer and natural gas can be installed even while the HOA is around. Whoever is interested in these things just needs to rally community support and get it going. If they can illustrate the benefit, they'll be successful.

Let's get new things in place before we tear down what's holding it all together today.


HOA Property Owner said on Monday, June 10, 2013
Re: Opinion fron the Utah Supreme Court


Who will take care of our water system? Herriman is already doing this. Snow removal and road maintenance? Herriman is much more equipped to do this then our volunteers. I know they spend alot of time doing these things, and we are grateful for their service, but if we can have something better, why wouldn't we do it?
It is clear to see how nice the roads, snow removal and water systems are in Herriman (we drive those streets every day to get to our area). It is also clear to see where Hi Country II starts. Everything is dilapidated, old and deteriorated. Our roads are horrible, the snow removal is okay and our water system is out of date and out of code. Our insurance premiums could be raised significantly.
We can't keep our heads buried in the ground much longer before our whole area shuts down.
Will things possibly cost more? Yes, because we have let them deteriorate so badly to this point. If we do nothing and keep our heads buried, will things cost much more in the future? Of course they will.
You mentioned reasons why YOU feel we would be better off staying how we are, but you didn't address my initial concern with this post about all of the legal proceedings and the Supreme Courts ruling against the HOA. Are we going to bury our heads under the ground on these things also? Our HOA has done many things and has upset many people and now the Supreme Court has stated it also.

Jack Darton said on Monday, June 10, 2013
Re: Opinion fron the Utah Supreme Court

Dear "HOA Property Owner" who is also a resident in Hi-Country II,

Thank you for your anonymous comment. You're right that there are concerning issues that the board is working to resolve. You should recognize that those issues will never reach resolution if the HOA is dissolved. I cannot imagine a worse fate for our area.

Who would handle the water system, road maintenance, and snow removal? The answer is simple: Not a team of volunteers who have a vested interest in the success and well-being of our canyon. Are you prepared to pay more to cover the administrative staff that would take over the responsibilities of the HOA? Or worse, are you prepared to lose your say in how improvements are made and how your money is spent?

With the HOA, you have a voice! Please use it. Help us fix our problems rather than shutting down an entity that is overall good for everyone's well-being -- Land owners and home owners alike. Become involved, come see how much time the HOA officers put into their duties (for free) and get a better understanding of what your life would be like without their work behind the scenes.

Please feel free to contact me if you have concerns or would like to learn more.

Jack Darton

HOA Property Owner said on Monday, June 10, 2013
Re: Opinion fron the Utah Supreme Court

After reading through this, it is very disconcerting, especially sections, 2, 3, and 46. It looks like the Supreme Court is hitting our HOA pretty hard with some of the past actions of our board members.
With all of the legal problems in the HOA, it now looks more clearly than ever that it is in our best interest to dissolve the HOA after all.
I am a resident in Hi Country II.
I was previously on the fence (and slightly against it) with the whole dissolving the HOA topic, but I am now in favor of it. I think we all need to agree that we need to dissolve the HOA and move on with our lives.
I don't want any more legal actions taken against the HOA that may come back to hit all of us financially if the HOA can't afford to pay for any more judgements.

Arlene Johnson said on Monday, March 25, 2013
Re: Herriman and Development

A version of this would be possible if we can make it work as a Bylaw amendment and stay within the Protective Covenants. Wording that is compatible with our documents would be necessary to present at the annual meeting. Please contact me with more detail.

Jack said on Wednesday, August 01, 2012
Re: Propane Prices

P.S. Here is a website that attempts to predict prices:

Jack said on Wednesday, August 01, 2012
Re: Propane Prices

Welcome to the neighborhood! Many people in the HOA use the co-op. Contact Joel Eberhard for more info: (801)253-3363

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Author: HCEII Secretary Created: 2/10/2011
These are announcements and articles from the HOA officers related to the Hi-Country Estates, Phase 2 HOA and the Rose Canyon area.
By HCEII Secretary on 8/4/2014
A video of the annual meeting is now available for you to watch.

By HCEII Secretary on 6/19/2014
The following members have been elected to HOA offices:

Director: Mary jane Pennington, Jose galvan

Secretary: Jack Darton

Treasurer: Shirley Brown

ACC: Fred Johnston

Area A Coordinators: Sheila Adler, Brian Shellabarger

Area B Coordinator: Kristin Ohlson

Area C Coordinators: David Joseph, Terri Williams

Area D Coordinators: Faith Wadleigh, Tom Wadleigh, Margaret Wynne

For the complete report from our accountant, click here.
By HCEII Secretary on 4/7/2014
Judge Faust provided Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law. Click here to read the document.
By HCEII Secretary on 2/24/2014
In 2009, Hansen, Allen, & Luce (an engineering firm) was hired by HCEII to determine the amount of water that will be needed to support future build-out of the area. Their study is attached. Click here to download it.
By HCEII Secretary on 2/13/2014
Most residents in Area D will receive a letter like the one below. Click here to view the official letter.IMPORTANT INFORMATION CONCERNING CLEANUP OF MILITARY MUNITIONS IN YOUR AREANovember 01, 2013Real Estate DivisionAcquisition and Management BranchDear Mr/Ms. Landowner:The property you own, (Parcel Number), in Salt Lake County, Utah, is located within the area designated for cleanup of historical artillery rounds, known as the Artillery Impact Area Buffer Zone Munitions Response Site (MRS). This letter serves as notice of the Department of the Army’s intent to initiate the Remedial Action phase at this site.Since 2007, the U.S. Army National Guard Bureau and the Utah National Guard (Government) have been in the process of conducting an investigation into the presence of relict military munitions in this area. Large caliber artillery projectiles have been found on the ground surface in the vicinity of your property. These munitions are associated with historical military training activities that took place...
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